Encore (Dr Dre)

Renegade (Fabolous)

Baby (Fabolous)

Intro (50 Cent)

Wanksta (50 Cent)

Hello (Dr Dre)

Ether (Nas)


Hero (Nas)

Disciple (Nas)

Candy (Foxy Brown)

Heaven (Nas)

Imagine (Snoop Dogg)

Halftime (Nas)

Pray (Jay Z)

Mastermind (Nas)

Dance (Nas)

Threat (Jay Z)

Hustlers (Nas)

Represent (Nas)

Beautiful (Akon)

Virgo (Nas)

Nastradamus (Nas)

Stillmatic (Nas)

Quitter (Eminem)

Fallin (Jay Z)

Why (Jadakiss)

Izzo (Jay Z)

Hollywood (Jay Z)

Trapped (2Pac)

Anything (Jay Z)

Kim (Eminem)

Success (Jay Z)

Takeover (Jay Z)

313 (Eminem)

Biterphobia (Eminem)

Storm (Jay Z)

Bodyguard (Eminem)

Mosh (Eminem)

Lady (Eminem)

Backstabber (Eminem)

Violent (2Pac)

Drips (Eminem)

Puke (Eminem)

Bully (Eminem)

Criminal (Eminem)

Stimulate (Eminem)

Infinite (Eminem)

Juicy (Notorious Big)

Searchin (Eminem)

Stan (Eminem)

Warning (Notorious Big)

Business (Eminem)

Soldier (Eminem)

Mockingbird (Eminem)

Amityville (Eminem)

Soap (Eminem)

Superman (Eminem)

Grimey (NORE)

Juice (Chingy)

Oh (Busta Rhymes)

Hypnotize (Notorious Big)

CREAM (Wu Tang)

Karma (Lloyd Banks)

Vato (Snoop Dogg)

Slippin (DMX)

Cake (Lloyd Banks)

Headbussa (Lil Jon)

One (Busta Rhymes)

Gasolina (Lil Jon)

Warrior (Lloyd Banks)

Journey (Akon)

Shadowboxing (Method Man)

Rush (Akon)

Royalty (Gangstarr)

Damage (ODB)

Gringo (Akon)

NOTORIOUS (Notorious Big)

Lonely (Akon)

Ghetto (Akon)

Respect (Notorious Big)

Muthafucka (Xzibit)

X (Xzibit)

RULE (Ja Rule)

Dangerous (Busta Rhymes)

Impossible (Wu Tang)

Intermission (Wu Tang)

Loungin (LL Cool J)

Help (Lloyd Banks)

Memories (Cypress Hill)

Ebonics (Big L)

Concentrate (Xzibit)

Free (Ja Rule)

Respirator (Lil Kim)

Ecstasy (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

YOU (Method Man)

Tearz (Wu Tang)

Superthug (NORE)

Triumph (Wu Tang)

Illusions (Cypress Hill)

Swordsman (GZA)

Sugar (Lil Kim)

Fire (50 Cent)

Passion (Ja Rule)

Whoa (Lil Kim)

Amplified (Cypress Hill)

Heat (50 Cent)

Killafornia (Cypress Hill)

Lollipop (Lil Wayne)

Jury (Raekwon)

Conceited (Lil Wayne)

Dreams (The Game)

Rakim (Rakim)

Boss (Rick Ross)

Perfect (Snoop Dogg)

Nothin (NORE)

Shame (Wu Tang)

Pigs (Cypress Hill)

Bang (The Game)

Locote (Cypress Hill)

Paradise (LL Cool J)

Trouble (Cypress Hill)

Home (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

Wicked (Ice Cube)

Comfortable (Lil Wayne)

Breathe (Fabolous)

Phenomenon (LL Cool J)

React (Redman)

Hydrolic (Bow Wow)

Bloodsport (Mobb Deep)

Higher (The Game)

Bathtub (Snoop Dogg)

Foundation (Xzibit)

Oops (Missy Elliott)

Hustlin (Rick Ross)

Kronologik (Cypress Hill)

Mesmerize (Ja Rule)

PIMP (50 Cent)

Freeze (LL Cool J)

Colors (Ice T)

Backdoor (Nate Dogg)

Buddens (The Game)

Outro (Chamillionaire)

Crossroads (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

Church (Fabolous)

Runnin (The Game)

Signs (Snoop Dogg)

Headsprung (LL Cool J)

Hush (LL Cool J)

Jada (Jadakiss)

Toyz (Missy Elliott)

Special (The Game)

Regulate (Warren G)

Thank You (DMX)

The Rain (DMX)

Nas Is Coming (Dr Dre)

My Life (DMX)

Tough Guy (Busta Rhymes)

If I Get Locked Up Tonight (Dr Dre)

911 Is A Joke (Public Enemy)

Never Again (Wu Tang)

Can You Hear Me (Fabolous)

Where I m From (Ja Rule)

Victory 2004 (Busta Rhymes)

Go To Sleep (DMX)

Say What You Say (Dr Dre)

The Watcher Il (Dr Dre)

Sky s The Limit (Notorious Big)

We Go Hard (DMX)

Who We Be (DMX)

Symphony In X Major (Dr Dre)

The Message (Dr Dre)

You Don t Know (Missy Elliott)

In Da Club (50 Cent)

Like Father Like Son (Busta Rhymes)

Suicide Bounce (Busta Rhymes)

I Get Around (2Pac)

Cause I Had To (2Pac)

A Yo Kato (DMX)

The Prayer V (DMX)

We Are Back (DMX)

Don t Gotta Go Home (DMX)

I Miss You (DMX)

Bitch Please II (Dr Dre)

If I Die 2nite (Dr Dre)

Keep Their Heads Ringing (Dr Dre)

I Remember That Freak Bitch (Cypress Hill)

Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Cypress Hill)

Year 2000 (Xzibit)

Off Wit His Head (Big Punisher)

So Ghetto (Jay Z)

You Won t See Me Tonight (Nas)

21 Questions (50 Cent)

Evil Deeds (Eminem)

What If I Was White (Eminem)

Role Model (Eminem)

Can t Say Goodbye (Snoop Dogg)

Let s Ride (The Game)

A Milli (Lil Wayne)

Shoot Me Down (Lil Wayne)

Gimme Some More (Busta Rhymes)

Don Cha (Busta Rhymes)

Flava In Ya Ear remix (Busta Rhymes)

It Aint Safe No More (Busta Rhymes)

Brenda s Got A Baby (2Pac)

Where The Hood At (DMX)

Right Wrong (DMX)

Bad Guy Always Die (Dr Dre)

Forgot About Dre (Dr Dre)

Tequila Sunrise (Cypress Hill)

It Ain t Easy (Cypress Hill)

No Rest For The Wicked (Cypress Hill)

Sorry I m Away So Much (Xzibit)

Tired Of Runnin (Akon)

Trouble Nobody (Akon)

You Know My Steez (Gangstarr)

Uncommon Valor (Jedi Mind Tricks)

Push It (Rick Ross)

I Try (Talib Kweli)

C walk (Kurupt)

First Time (Fabolous)

New York (Ja Rule)

No Hook (Jay Z)

You And Me (LL Cool J)

Is This Our Last Time (Missy Elliott)

A Message To The Feds (Nas)

Too Much For Me (Nas)

My Way (Nas)

Book Of Rhymes (Nas)

Undying Love (Nas)

Live Nigga Rap (Nas)

Movin On Up (50 Cent)

I Get Money (50 Cent)

Rap Game (50 Cent)

I Can Be (Eminem)

Rock City (Eminem)

Like Toy Soldiers (Eminem)

Guilty Conscience Radio Edit (Eminem)

Don t Push Me (Eminem)

Intro Armageddon (Eminem)

One Day At A Time (Eminem)

Just Rhymin With Proof (Eminem)

Don t Approach Me (Eminem)

My Medicine (Snoop Dogg)

The Documentary (The Game)

Don t Worry (The Game)

Play No Games (Lil Jon)

Mr Carter (Lil Wayne)

Dr Carter (Lil Wayne)

Prostitute 2 (Lil Wayne)

Get Over (Lil Wayne)

Whats It Gonna Be (Busta Rhymes)

Pass The Courvoisier remix (Busta Rhymes)

Get Low remix (Busta Rhymes)

I Know What You Want (Busta Rhymes)

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Busta Rhymes)

Light Your Ass On Fire (Busta Rhymes)

Make It Clap Remix (Busta Rhymes)

Its All Good (Busta Rhymes)

Guess Who Is Back (2Pac)

Holla If Ya Heard Me (2Pac)

Papa z Song (2Pac)

Str8 Ballin (2Pac)

Bury Me A G (2Pac)

Pour Out A Little Liquor (2Pac)

Good Girls Bad Guys (DMX)

Party Up (DMX)

Shot Down (DMX)

X Gonna Give It To Ya (DMX)

Fuck Wit Dre Day (Dr Dre)

Just Be A Man About It (Dr Dre)

Let Me Ride (Dr Dre)

Still Dre (Dr Dre)

Your Wife (Dr Dre)

Hits From The Bong (Cypress Hill)

I Wanna Get High (Cypress Hill)

Dr Greenthumb (Cypress Hill)

High Times (Cypress Hill)

Looking Through The Eye Of A Pig (Cypress Hill)

Cuban Necktie (Cypress Hill)

Funk Freakers (Cypress Hill)

Spark Another Owl (Cypress Hill)

Street Wars (Cypress Hill)

Get Fucked Up With Me (Xzibit)

Don t Matter (Akon)

Mama Africa (Akon)

Once In A While (Akon)

Sorry Blame It On Me (Akon)

The Bitch In Yoo (Common)

Moment Of Truth (Gangstarr)

She Knowz What She Wantz (Gangstarr)

Shots Fired (Jadakiss)

Hot Sauce To Go (Jadakiss)

WW III (Jadakiss)

We Some Dogs (Method Man)

Survival Of The Fittest (Mobb Deep)

Eye For An Eye (Mobb Deep)

I ll Bee Dat (Redman)

Shame On A Nigga (Wu Tang)

Black Shampoo (Wu Tang)

Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Jay Z)

Clan In Da Front (Wu Tang)

7th Chamber (Wu Tang)

Da Mystery Of Chessboxin (Wu Tang)

METHOD Man (Wu Tang)

All The Way (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

Weed Song (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

Shortie Like Mine (Bow Wow)

You Can Do It (Ice Cube)

She Swallowed It (NWA)

Straight Outta Compton (NWA)

U Didn t Care (Canibus)

Can t Deny It (Fabolous)

Down Ass Bitch (Ja Rule)

Jockin Jay z (Jay Z)

I Know (Jay Z)

Blue Magic (Jay Z)

Minority Report (Jay Z)

December 4th (Jay Z)

My First Song (Jay Z)

A Dream (Jay Z)

Girls Girls Girls (Jay Z)

Guilty Until Proven Innocent (Jay Z)

Can I Get A (Jay Z)

A Week Ago (Jay Z)

Dead Presidents II (Jay Z)

Magic Stick (Lil Kim)

Control Myself (LL Cool J)

Big Mama (LL Cool J)

Doin It (LL Cool J)

Ching a ling (Missy Elliott)

Ragtime Interlude (Missy Elliott)

Pump It Up (Missy Elliott)

Gossip Folks (Missy Elliott)

Get Down (Nas)

Last Real Nigga Alive (Nas)

Come Get Me (Nas)

New York State Of Mind Part Il (Nas)

I Gave You Power (Nas)

Affirmative Action (Nas)

Black Girl Lost (Nas)

New York State Of Mind (Nas)

Who Shot Ya (Notorious Big)

Follow My Lead (50 Cent)

I ll Still Kill (50 Cent)

The Re up (50 Cent)

Best Friend remix (50 Cent)

Blood Hound (50 Cent)

Till I Collapse Remix (50 Cent)

Three Six Five (Eminem)

Yellow Brick Road (Eminem)

My 1st Single (Eminem)

Ass Like That (Eminem)

Crazy In Love (Eminem)

Doe Rae Me (Eminem)

Bump Heads (Eminem)

8 Mile (Eminem)

White America (Eminem)

Cleaning Out My Closet (Eminem)

Hailie s Song (Eminem)

Till I Collapse (Eminem)

Nail In The Coffin (Eminem)

Freestyle Canopy (Eminem)

Off The Wall (Eminem)

The Kids (Eminem)

Who Knew (Eminem)

Drug Ballad (Eminem)

My Name Is (Eminem)

Rock Bottom (Eminem)

As The World Turns (Eminem)

I m Shady (Eminem)

Still Don t Give A Fuck (Eminem)

Never 2 Far (Eminem)

Hardest Man In Town (Nate Dogg)

Lax Files (The Game)

Stick That Thang Out (Lil Jon)

Grand Finale (Lil Jon)

I m Me (Lil Wayne)

Something You Forgot (Lil Wayne)

Break Ya Neck (Busta Rhymes)

Whats Happenin (Busta Rhymes)

If My Homie Calls (2Pac)

Words Of Wisdom (2Pac)

Keep Ya Head Up (2Pac)

How Long Will They Mourn Me (2Pac)

The Prayer III (DMX)

What These Bitches Want (DMX)

The Omen (DMX)

Crime Story (DMX)

The Prayer IV (DMX)

We Right Here (DMX)

Big Ego (Dr Dre)

California Love (Dr Dre)

Shit Hits The Fans (Dr Dre)

The Next Episode (Dr Dre)

U Know (Dr Dre)

What s The Difference (Dr Dre)

Insane In The Brain (Cypress Hill)

Audio X (Cypress Hill)

Boom Biddy Bye Bye remix (Cypress Hill)

Roll It Up Light It Up Smoke It Up (Cypress Hill)

Rock Superstar (Cypress Hill)

Red Meth (Cypress Hill)

Killa Hill Niggaz (Cypress Hill)

Strictly Hip hop (Cypress Hill)

Heart Of Man (Xzibit)

Right Now (Akon)

Could You Be The Reason (Akon)

Gangsta Bop (Akon)

Get It Poppin (Fat Joe)

I Need A Man (Foxy Brown)

Who s There (Guru)

Le Bien Le Mal (Guru)

Hip Hop Lives (KRS One)

Cereal Killer (Method Man)

Hey Luv (Mobb Deep)

Thug Muzik (Mobb Deep)

More Trife Life (Mobb Deep)

Got Your Money (ODB)

Nigga Please (ODB)

Smash Sumthin (Redman)

Let s Get Dirty (Redman)

Get By (Talib Kweli)

Side 2 Side (Three 6 Mafia)

It s Hard Out There For A Pimp (Three 6 Mafia)

I Tried (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

Change The World (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

Outta My System (Bow Wow)

On Fiya (Bow Wow)

Fresh Azimiz (Bow Wow)

To My Mama (Bow Wow)

Real Muthaphuckkin G s (Eazy E)

Smoke Some Weed (Ice Cube)

Ghetto Bird (Ice Cube)

It Was A Good Day (Ice Cube)

I Wanna Kill Sam (Ice Cube)

Once Upon A Time In The Projects (Ice Cube)

Gangsta Gangsta (NWA)

I Want It All (Warren G)

Evening News (Chamillionaire)

Won t Let You Down (Chamillionaire)

Baby Don t Go (Fabolous)

Young and Sexy (Fabolous)

Trade It All (Fabolous)

I Wonder (Ja Rule)

Life Goes On (Ja Rule)

The Marche Prelude (Ja Rule)

Big Chips (Jay Z)

la la la (Jay Z)

Change Clothes (Jay Z)

99 Problems (Jay Z)

Super Ugly (Jay Z)

Thug Luv (Lil Kim)

Ladies Night (Lil Kim)

I Need Love (LL Cool J)

On Fire (Lloyd Banks)

Dats What I m Talking About (Missy Elliott)

Hit em Wit Da Hee (Missy Elliott)

Sock It 2 Me (Missy Elliott)

Black Republican (Nas)

Not Going Back (Nas)

Live Now (Nas)

Me an You (Nas)

Thief s Theme (Nas)

Revolutionary Warfare (Nas)

One Mic (Nas)

Destroy and Rebuild (Nas)

What Goes Around (Nas)

Small World (Nas)

We Will Survive (Nas)

Life Is What You Make It (Nas)

Money Is My Bitch (Nas)

Life Is A Bitch (Nas)

Wake Up Now (Notorious Big)

Peep Show (50 Cent)

Curtis 187 (50 Cent)

AYO Technology (50 Cent)

Jimmy Crack Corn (50 Cent)

Just A Lil Bit (50 Cent)

High All The Time (50 Cent)

U Not Like Me (50 Cent)

How To Rob (50 Cent)

The Good Die Young (50 Cent)

Touch Down (Eminem)

Lean Back remix (Eminem)

Welcome To Detroit City (Eminem)

We Ain t (Eminem)

Nuttin To Do (Eminem)

Shes The One (Eminem)

Rain Man (Eminem)

Just Lose It (Eminem)

Welcome To D block (Eminem)

The Sauce (Eminem)

Love Me (Eminem)

Rabbit Run (Eminem)

Without Me (Eminem)

Bad Influence (Eminem)

Our House (Eminem)

Kill You (Eminem)

Remember Me (Eminem)

I m Back (Eminem)

If I Had (Eminem)

My Fault (Eminem)

Cum On Everybody (Eminem)

Just Don t Give A Fuck (Eminem)

If We (Nate Dogg)

G Funk (Nate Dogg)

Neva Have 2 Worry (Snoop Dogg)

I Wanna Fuck You (Snoop Dogg)

Mission Cleopatra (Snoop Dogg)

Tha Shiznit (Snoop Dogg)

Doggy Dogg World (Snoop Dogg)

Gz And Hustlas (Snoop Dogg)

Dope Boys (The Game)

Game s Pain (The Game)

One Blood Remix (The Game)

Da Shit (The Game)

One Night (The Game)

Westside Story (The Game)

I Don t Need Your Love (The Game)

Church For Thugs (The Game)

Put You On The Game (The Game)

Start From Scratch (The Game)

Holidae Inn (Chingy)

Let s Go (Lil Jon)

Don t Fuck Wit Me (Lil Jon)

Kings Of Crunk (Lil Jon)

Knockin Heads Off (Lil Jon)

I Don t Give A Fuck (Lil Jon)

Phone Home (Lil Wayne)

You Aint Got Nothing (Lil Wayne)

Georgia Bush (Lil Wayne)

This Means War (Busta Rhymes)

Fallin Extented Remix (Busta Rhymes)

Hail Mary remix (Busta Rhymes)

Never Leave You remix (Busta Rhymes)

Ruff Ryders Anthem (DMX)

Ain t No Sunshine (DMX)

Fuck You (Dr Dre)

Nuttin But A G Thang (Dr Dre)

The Watcher (Dr Dre)

Cock The Hammer (Cypress Hill)

Hand On The Glock (Cypress Hill)

Get Out Of My Head (Cypress Hill)

Rap Superstar (Cypress Hill)

Hey Now (Xzibit)

Enemies And Friends (Xzibit)

Missin You (Xzibit)

Pull My Hair (Xzibit)

Eyes May Shine (Xzibit)

Get Your Walk On (Xzibit)

Spit Shine (Xzibit)

Best Of Things (Xzibit)

Positively Negative (Xzibit)

Front 2 Back (Xzibit)

Sucker For Love (Akon)

Smack That (Akon)

Blown Away (Akon)

Pot Of Gold (Akon)

Deadly Combination (Big L)

Furious Anger (Big L)

Put It On (Big L)

Yes We Can (Common)

Drivin Me Wild (Common)

I Want You (Common)

Real Compared To What (Common)

Come Close (Common)

The Light (Common)

All I Need (Fat Joe)

In This Life (Gangstarr)

Tons o Guns (Gangstarr)

Im Goin Back (Jadakiss)

Knock Yourself Out (Jadakiss)

Kenny Parker Show 2001 (KRS One)

Da Rockwilder (Method Man)

Break Ups 2 Make Ups (Method Man)

Shook Ones Part II (Mobb Deep)

Oye Mi Canto (NORE)

He Got Game (Public Enemy)

Lost At Birth (Public Enemy)

Knowledge God (Raekwon)

Paid In Full (Rakim)

Protect Ya Neck (Wu Tang)

I Got Ya ll (Bow Wow)

Bounce With Me (Bow Wow)

No Vaseline (Ice Cube)

Fuck Tha Police (NWA)

Lookin At You (Warren G)

What s Love Got To Do With It (Warren G)

Smokin Me Out (Warren G)

Hip Hop Police (Chamillionaire)

Uh Oh (Ja Rule)

The Manual (Ja Rule)

Caught Up (Ja Rule)

Gun Talk (Ja Rule)

Thug Loving (Ja Rule)

The Warning (Ja Rule)

So Much Pain (Ja Rule)

Story To Tell (Ja Rule)

Show Me What You Got (Jay Z)

Beach Chair (Jay Z)

Welcome To New York City (Jay Z)

I Just Wanna Love You (Jay Z)

Bonnie and Clyde (Jay Z)

The Bounce (Jay Z)

Best Of Me part 2 (Jay Z)

Sexual Seduction (Lil Kim)

Hold On (Lil Kim)

So Sick (LL Cool J)

Luv You Better (LL Cool J)

U Should (LL Cool J)

Dear Mallika (LL Cool J)

Don t Be Late (LL Cool J)

Ain t Nobody (LL Cool J)

Warrior part 2 (Lloyd Banks)

8 Mile Road (Lloyd Banks)

Best Best (Missy Elliott)

Lose Control (Missy Elliott)

Baby Girl Interlude (Missy Elliott)

Pass That Dutch (Missy Elliott)

Don t Be Cruel (Missy Elliott)

Let It Bump (Missy Elliott)

It s Real (Missy Elliott)

I m Not Perfect (Missy Elliott)

4 My People (Missy Elliott)

Work It (Missy Elliott)

Nothing Out There For Me (Missy Elliott)

One Minute Man (Missy Elliott)

Get Ur Freak On (Missy Elliott)

Old School Joint (Missy Elliott)

Take Away (Missy Elliott)

All N My Grill (Missy Elliott)

Hot Boyz (Missy Elliott)

Stickin Chickens (Missy Elliott)

We Did It (Missy Elliott)

Crazy Feelings (Missy Elliott)

Beep Me 911 (Missy Elliott)

Best Friends (Missy Elliott)

Be A Nigger Too (Nas)

Hip Hop Is Dead (Nas)

Can t Forget About You (Nas)

American Way (Nas)

Coon Picnic (Nas)

Remember The Times (Nas)

Bridging The Gap (Nas)

Just A Moment (Nas)

U Wanna Be Me (Nas)

Got Ur Self A (Nas)

Ghetto Prisonners (Nas)

If I Ruled The World (Nas)

Memory Lane (Nas)

Straight To The Bank (50 Cent)

Disco Inferno (50 Cent)

True Loyalty (50 Cent)

Be A Gentleman (50 Cent)

Just Lose It remix (Eminem)

Final Thought (Eminem)

Patiently Waiting (Eminem)

Can I Bitch (Eminem)

Monkey See Monkey Do (Eminem)

B rabbit Vs Mary One (Eminem)

Hail Mary (Eminem)

My Name (Eminem)

Say GoodBye To Hollywood (Eminem)

Marshall Mathers (Eminem)

The Anthem (Eminem)

97 Bonnie And Clyde (Eminem)

Foolish Pride (Eminem)

My World (Nate Dogg)

Sensual Seduction (Snoop Dogg)

Ups And Downs (Snoop Dogg)

I Believe In You (Snoop Dogg)

Hennessey And Buddah (Snoop Dogg)

G Funk Intro (Snoop Dogg)

For All My Niggaz And Bitches (Snoop Dogg)

300 Bars N Runnin (The Game)

California Vacation (The Game)

Duck Down (The Game)

Let Me Luv U (Chingy)

What You Gon Do (Lil Jon)

What You Gon Do Remix (Lil Jon)

Throw It Up remix (Lil Jon)

3 Peat (Lil Wayne)

I Feel Like Dying (Lil Wayne)

Got Money (Lil Wayne)

Tie My Hands (Lil Wayne)

One Night Only (Lil Wayne)

Lock U Down (Lil Wayne)

Suck It Or Not (Lil Wayne)

Go DJ (Lil Wayne)

Somethin Wicked (2Pac)

Legalize It (Cypress Hill)

Hold My Hand (Akon)

Sunny Day (Akon)

I m So Paid (Akon)

Keep You Much Longer (Akon)

I Wanna Love You (Akon)

Never Took The Time (Akon)

I Can t Wait (Akon)

Locked Up (Akon)

Belly Dancer (Akon)

Don t Let Up (Akon)

Easy Road (Akon)

Make It Rain (Fat Joe)

Lean Back (Fat Joe)

We Ridin (Fat Joe)

What s Luv (Fat Joe)

Hood Scriptures (Foxy Brown)

Jfk 2 Lax (Gangstarr)

In Memory Of (Gangstarr)

Suckaz Need Bodyguards (Gangstarr)

Just To Get A Rep (Gangstarr)

Keep Your Worries (Guru)

Liquid Swords (GZA)

Living In The World Today (GZA)

4th Chamber (GZA)

Time s Up (Jadakiss)

U Make Me Wanna (Jadakiss)

Move Ahead (KRS One)

Mc s Act Like They Don t Know (KRS One)

Sound Of Da Police (KRS One)

What s Happenin (Method Man)

You re All I Need (Method Man)

Bring The Pain (Method Man)

Win Or Lose (Mobb Deep)

Got It Twisted (Mobb Deep)

Real Gangstaz (Mobb Deep)

Get Away (Mobb Deep)

Poetry In The Streets (Necro)

Put Em Up (NORE)

Cocaine Business (NORE)

Drunk Game (ODB)

Brooklyn Zoo (ODB)

Fight The Power (Public Enemy)

Bring The Noise (Public Enemy)

How To Roll A Blunt (Redman)

The Boss (Rick Ross)

Here I Am (Rick Ross)

Cross That Line (Rick Ross)

Ich Kenne Nichts (RZA)

We Pop (RZA)

Ode To O ren Ishii (RZA)

I ve Never Seen (RZA)

Prime Example (Talib Kweli)

Jah World (Wu Tang)

A Better Tomorrow (Wu Tang)

Bring Da Ruckus (Wu Tang)

Can It Be All So Simple (Wu Tang)

Order My Steps (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

Take The Lead (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

Days Of Our Livez (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

If I Could Teach The World (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

Thuggish Ruggish Bone (Bone Thugs N Harmony)

How You Move It (Bow Wow)

Bet That (Bow Wow)

Let Me Hold You (Bow Wow)

Let s Get Down (Bow Wow)

My Baby (Bow Wow)

Puppy Love (Bow Wow)

Bow Wow (Bow Wow)

Ghetto Girls (Bow Wow)

Wake It Up (E 40)

U And Dat (E 40)

Things ll Never Change (E 40)

Still Cruising (Eazy E)

Any Last Werdz (Eazy E)

It s On (Eazy E)

Cold Place (Ice Cube)

Until We Rich (Ice Cube)

Ghetto Vet (Ice Cube)

When Will They Shoot (Ice Cube)

Express Yourself (NWA)

The Streets (WC)

Hustlin Remix (Jay Z)

Industry Groupie (Chamillionaire)

Morning News (Chamillionaire)

Ridin Dirty Remix NYPD (Chamillionaire)

Turn It Up (Chamillionaire)

Make Me Better (Fabolous)

Don t Stop Wont Stop (Fabolous)

Tit 4 Tat (Fabolous)

It s Alright (Fabolous)

In My Hood (Fabolous)

Can t Let You G (Fabolous)

This Is My Party (Fabolous)

Into You (Fabolous)

The Bad Guy (Fabolous)

What s My Name (Ja Rule)

Get It Started (Ja Rule)

Never Thought (Ja Rule)

Down 4 U (Ja Rule)

The Pledge Remix (Ja Rule)

Livin It Up (Ja Rule)

Put It On Me (Ja Rule)

I Cry (Ja Rule)

Suicide Freestyle (Ja Rule)

Roc Boys (Jay Z)

Lost One (Jay Z)

Moment Of Clarity (Jay Z)

Roc Army (Jay Z)

Excuse Me Miss (Jay Z)

Fuck All Night (Jay Z)

Back In The Days (Jay Z)

Song Cry (Jay Z)

That Things U Do (Jay Z)

Big Pimpin (Jay Z)

Hard Knock Life (Jay Z)

Coming Of Age (Jay Z)

Lighters Up (Lil Kim)

Cell Block Tango (Lil Kim)

Shake Ya Bum Bum (Lil Kim)

The Jump Off (Lil Kim)

What s The Word (Lil Kim)

In The Air Tonite (Lil Kim)

Suck My Dick (Lil Kim)

How Many Licks (Lil Kim)

Crush On You (Lil Kim)

I Get High (Lloyd Banks)

I m So Fly (Lloyd Banks)

If Ya So Gangsta (Lloyd Banks)

When The Chips Are Down (Lloyd Banks)

Til The End (Lloyd Banks)

Die One Day (Lloyd Banks)

South Side Story (Lloyd Banks)

Fried Chicken (Nas)

Money Over Bullshit (Nas)

Still Dreaming (Nas)

Made You Look (Nas)

I Can (Nas)

Warrior Song (Nas)

I Do (Nas)

Nas Is Like (Nas)

The Genesis (Nas)

The World Is Yours (Nas)

One Love (Nas)

Can I Speak To Biggie (Notorious Big)

Whatchu Want (Notorious Big)

Mo Money Mo Problems (Notorious Big)

Playa Hater (Notorious Big)

Niggaz Bleed (Notorious Big)

I Got A Story To Tell (Notorious Big)

You re Nobody (Notorious Big)

Can t You See (Notorious Big)

Things Done Changed (Notorious Big)

Gimme The Loot (Notorious Big)

Ready To Die (Notorious Big)

One More Chance (Notorious Big)

The What (Notorious Big)

Everyday Struggle (Notorious Big)

Me and My Bitch (Notorious Big)

Big Poppa (Notorious Big)

Friend Of Mine (Notorious Big)

Suicidal Thoughts (Notorious Big)

My Gun Go Off (50 Cent)

Man Down (50 Cent)

Come and Go (50 Cent)

Fully Loaded Clip (50 Cent)

All Of Me (50 Cent)

Touch The Sky (50 Cent)

Amusement Park (50 Cent)

Talk About Me (50 Cent)

Gatman And Robbin (50 Cent)

Candy Shop (50 Cent)

My Downfall (50 Cent)

In Da Hood (50 Cent)

What Up Gangsta (50 Cent)

Window Shopper (50 Cent)

Many Men (50 Cent)

If I Can t (50 Cent)

Back Down (50 Cent)

Like My Style (50 Cent)

Poor Lil Rich (50 Cent)

Places To Go (50 Cent)

Power Of The Dollar (50 Cent)

Thug Love (50 Cent)

I m Having A Relapse (Eminem)

Number One (Eminem)

Public Enemy (Eminem)

Shady Narcotics (Eminem)

No Apologies (Eminem)

Scary Movies (Eminem)

Shade 45 Invasion (Eminem)

Ricky Ticky Toc (Eminem)

Never Enough (Eminem)

Big Weenie (Eminem)

Em Calls Paul (Eminem)

Spend Some Time (Eminem)

B Rabbit Vs Papa Doc (Eminem)

I Love You More (Eminem)

We As Americans (Eminem)

B rabbit Vs Confusion (Eminem)

Lose Yourself (Eminem)

Sweet Home Alabama (Eminem)

Papa Doc Vs Jimmy Battle Final (Eminem)

Lotto Vs Jimmy Semi final (Eminem)

Lyckety Splyt VS Jimmy Quarter Final (Eminem)

B Rabbit (Eminem)

Square Dance (Eminem)

The Kiss (Eminem)

Sing For The Moment (Eminem)

My Dad s Gone Crazy (Eminem)

We Just Came To Party (Eminem)

Watch Deez (Eminem)

I Remember (Eminem)

Cheddar Bob Freestyle (Eminem)

Stir Crazy (Eminem)

Tylenol Island (Eminem)

The Real Slim Shady (Eminem)

Mister Bailey (Eminem)

Any Man (Eminem)

Brain Damage (Eminem)

Bad Meets Evil (Eminem)

Fuck Off (Eminem)

It s Ok (Eminem)

Nobody Does It Better (Nate Dogg)

I Got Love (Nate Dogg)

Your Woman Has Just Been Sighted (Nate Dogg)

Music and Me (Nate Dogg)

First We Pray (Nate Dogg)

Life Of Da Party (Snoop Dogg)

Sets Up (Snoop Dogg)

Deez Hollywood Nights (Snoop Dogg)

Sexual Eruption (Snoop Dogg)

Ridin In My Chevy (Snoop Dogg)

Happy Juice (Snoop Dogg)

Thats That (Snoop Dogg)

Bang Out (Snoop Dogg)

Can I Get A Flicc Witchu (Snoop Dogg)

Snoop D O Double G (Snoop Dogg)

Let s Get Blown (Snoop Dogg)

Step Yo Game Up (Snoop Dogg)

Promise I (Snoop Dogg)

Oh No (Snoop Dogg)

Can You Control Yo Hoe (Snoop Dogg)

Pass It Pass It (Snoop Dogg)

Girl Like U (Snoop Dogg)

Dance With Me (Snoop Dogg)

We Will Rock You (Snoop Dogg)

In Luv Wit A Thug (Snoop Dogg)

Don t Tell (Snoop Dogg)

Gin and Juice (Snoop Dogg)

W Balls (Snoop Dogg)

Lodi Dodi (Snoop Dogg)

Murder Was The Case (Snoop Dogg)

Serial Killa (Snoop Dogg)

Who Am I (Snoop Dogg)

Ain t No Fun (Snoop Dogg)

Chronic Break (Snoop Dogg)

You Betta Ask Somebody (Snoop Dogg)

U Betta Recognize (Snoop Dogg)

Red Bandana (The Game)

Too Much (The Game)

Doctor s Advocate (The Game)

Hate It Or Love It (The Game)

How We Do (The Game)

No More Fun And Games (The Game)

My Confessions (The Game)

Check My Swag (Chingy)

How We Feel (Chingy)

Fly Like Me (Chingy)

All Aboard (Chingy)

Bounce That (Chingy)

Dem Jeans (Chingy)

U A Freak (Chingy)

Balla Baby (Chingy)

Leave Wit Me (Chingy)

Bagg Up (Chingy)

Right Thurr (Chingy)

Wurrz Ma Cash (Chingy)

Chingy Jackpot (Chingy)

One Call Away (Chingy)

Crunk Juice (Lil Jon)

Real Nigga Roll Call (Lil Jon)

Lovers and Friends (Lil Jon)

Throw It Up (Lil Jon)

Push That Nigga Push That Hoe (Lil Jon)

Get Low (Lil Jon)

Bia Bia (Lil Jon)

Put Yo Hood Up (Lil Jon)

10 Crack Commandments (Notorious Big)

Woo hah Got You All In Check (Busta Rhymes)

Guilty Conscience (Dr Dre)

Guilty Conscience (Dr Dre)

Rappers Delight (Sugarhill Gang)

Thank You (Xzibit)

Symphony In X Major (Xzibit)

Tough Guy (Xzibit)

The Rain (Akon)

Seul Face Lui (RZA)

Thank You (Bow Wow)

Hello (Ice Cube)

Never Again (Ja Rule)

Encore (Jay Z)

The Watcher Il (Jay Z)

Renegade (Jay Z)

Baby (LL Cool J)

Candy (LL Cool J)

Victory 2004 (Lloyd Banks)

Can You Hear Me (Missy Elliott)

The Rain (Missy Elliott)

Suicide Bounce (Nas)

The Message (Nas)

Nas Is Coming (Nas)

You Don t Know (Eminem)

Intro (Eminem)

Encore (Eminem)

Wanksta (Eminem)

Go To Sleep (Eminem)

Say What You Say (Eminem)

The Way I Am (Eminem)

If I Get Locked Up Tonight (Eminem)

Murder Murder (Eminem)

Steve Berman (Eminem)

Steve Berman (Eminem)

The Way I Am (Eminem)

Ken Kaniff (Eminem)

Amityville (Eminem)

Bitch Please II (Eminem)

Guilty Conscience (Eminem)

Ken Kaniff (Eminem)

Renegade (Eminem)

Murder Murder (Eminem)

Your Wife (Nate Dogg)

Why (Nate Dogg)

Drop It Like It s Hot (Snoop Dogg)

Drop It Like It s Hot (Snoop Dogg)

Beautiful (Snoop Dogg)

911 Is A Joke (The Game)

My Life (The Game)

Where I m From (The Game)

Like Father Like Son (The Game)

Let s Ride (Chingy)

Don t Worry (Chingy)

In Da Club (Lil Jon)

Sky s The Limit (Lil Wayne)